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Well, I’m currently a student pursuing my MBA in Symbiosis University, Pune, INDIA. I love tinkering around with gadgets and literally anything that runs on electricity excites the heck outta me! I also love travelling especially on Bikes, and I simply love Bikes. They’re the most amazing non-gadgety creations of man, that excite me!

I’ve always been the go-to guy when someone has an issue with their gadgets or their PC’s. I love helping people and learning about new technologies. Hope I can cure some of your ‘itch’ for tech! 😀

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expressVPN’s latest version 6.0.9.x not working in Windows 10


So I recently purchased the Razer Blade after years of being in the Mac ecosystem. Being a privacy nutcase, I installed my trusty expressVPN app only to get an error stating that the TAP driver is not digitally signed and can therefore not be installed.

No amount of research into alternatives (PPTP dialer is not secure) and using the OpenVPN connect client caused DNS leaks galore. Finally, I reached out to their support and they pointed me towards an older version of their app, which you can download here. Yes, it DID fix my issue.


So rather than bang your head against a wall, do what I do and use an older version of expressVPN if you’re on Windows 10.

4 weeks with the new BlackBerry Z10—–by An Android User


Hey Guys!

Over the past four weeks, I’ve been using the BlackBerry Z10 courtesy CNET Asia! Each week I wrote about my experience with the Z10 and wanted to share the links with you’ll. Visit my blog posts, like, share, comment or even criticize and I shall be obliged! 🙂


Week 1 – BlackBerry Z10 – The Underdog Or The New King Of The Block?

Week 2 – A Deep Dive Into What Makes The Blackberry Z10 Tick!

Week 3 – Is The BB Z10 A Good Addition To An Office Warrior’s Toolkit?

Week 4 – Blackberry Z10 – The First Generation Of A New Breed Of Blackberry Smartphones

Bypassing nonsense – How to redeem a Google Play Gift Card from outside the US!


Hey guys,


I recently got my hands on a Google Play gift card courtesy of PowerAmp and while I was truly stoked on getting some free credit, it was irritating to find out that only people within the states can really redeem these cards as of now. Dunno why el-goog doesn’t allow people outside to use these as one would think ‘gift’ cards would make their way out of the US anyways!

Anyways, I have figured out and successfully redeemed the gift card (free paid apps; yayyy!) while being in India the whole time. Here’s how you go about doing it. (more…)

A fairy tale wedding





Yes that’s right, Goa, the newest destination for fairy tale weddings! And i must say that it definitely was amazing!

Metallica – Thanks for making me hate you!



So there i was, standing in the hot sun along with atleast 10K other fans in the sweltering heat, only to be told a couple of hours later that the concert was canned.

I will so ensure that I make it for the next concert…..NOT!

Hello world!


So there I am, with a Hosting service that just died, and a Domain that is costing me quite a bit to keep-alive! What else could I do, except migrate to a new Hosting service! So here I am, new hosting service, new installation of WordPress and none of the older posts being carried over!

It’s taken me some time to get back to a flow with regards to my work, but dont worry, I am back and back for good! Keep your eyes and ears peeled for some fun activities and posts that are going to be coming your way pretty frequently! 🙂

Cheers all!

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